Top trends and emerging technologies in preform-based PET packaging: How to maximize production, efficiency, and competitiveness in the coming decade

DATE: MAY 19, 2021 – 14.30 EAT | 13.30 CAT | 12.30 WAT | 11.30 GMT

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The production of preform-based PET packaging is evolving rapidly in response to market trends and with the introduction of new technologies. 
Are you keeping up with these changes and opportunities? Are you taking the right steps to ensure your long-term success?
Join Husky on May 19, 2022 to find out. 
Our experts will share the top trends in preform-based packaging production, and showcase the latest technologies that will help you succeed in the years ahead. 
We’ll explore: 
• The growing opportunity for preform-based applications
• How to adapt to evolving consumer preferences
• The increasing demand for sustainable packaging production and what you can do about it
• How expert system monitoring is giving producers a key competitive advantage
• The latest ways to increase production efficiency and output