Tethered closure adoption is rising fast. Explore the latest examples, tech, and tips for success

DATE: JULY 21, 2022 – 14.30 EAT | 13.30 CAT | 12.30 WAT | 11.30 GMT

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Tethered closures are in widespread production in beverage markets around the world, adopted by globally recognized brands.

Many others are in the process of adopting tethered closures soon. But why?

Join our webinar on July 21, 2022 to find out!

The tethered closures experts at Husky will share:
• The compelling business benefits of switching to tethered closures for beverages, including brand differentiation, sustainability, compliance and more
• Real-world examples of tethered closures in production around the world
• A visual guide to the latest tethered designs for beverages and manufacturing approaches
• How to get started with tethered closures, and tips for success

Who should attend:

This webinar offers helpful insights and information for owners, executives, product marketers, designers, and production managers in the beverage industry who want to understand the business case and process of tethered closure adoption.

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