CAMEROON – French company I-Tek has announced plans to construct and commission 500 pig farms across Cameroon.

The announcement was made during a ceremony on June 11, 2024, at the Chamber of Agriculture, Fisheries, Livestock, and Forests of Cameroon (Capef) in Yaoundé.

I-Tek, established in 1992, is renowned for its cutting-edge livestock facility construction and equipment for various species.

The ambitious project, spearheaded by Capef, is set to be a game-changer for Cameroon’s pig farming industry.

With a budget of CFA 5 billion (US$8.5M), the initiative is slated for completion by 2026.

The pilot phase is scheduled to commence in September in Bankim, situated in the Adamawa region.

Capef President Martin Paul Mindjos Momeny has assured that the Cameroonian government, through the Ministry of Livestock, Fisheries, and Animal Industries (Minepia), along with Capef’s partners, are committed to financing the project.

Further enhancing the project’s prospects is the involvement of Axiom, a French company specializing in genetics.

Sylvain Ze Meke, the coordinator of the Consular Project for Pig Farming Development (Proporc), which Capef initiated in 2022, emphasized Axiom’s role in providing crucial support and expertise.

The demand for pork in Cameroon significantly outstrips supply.

According to industry experts, the country produces around 30,000 tons of pork annually, while the demand hovers around 50,000 tons.

This imbalance results in a substantial annual deficit of 20,000 tons.

By addressing this production gap, the new pig farms promise to not only meet local demand but also enhance the competitiveness of Cameroon’s agricultural sector.

The collaboration between I-Tek, Capef, and Axiom is poised to bring innovative solutions to the country’s livestock industry, fostering growth and sustainability.

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