UK – International Dairy Federation (IDF) has appointed Caroline Emond as its new director general serving in the place of Nico van Belzen who was appointed to the position in May 2012.

Emond previously served as Dairy Farmers of Canada executive director until the Board of Directors of DFC announced her resignation effective July 4, 2017.

The appointment was timely as she is expected to bring her twenty-four years of experience from senior executive and public affairs roles in the public, private and non-profit making organisations.

As the federation’s vision carrier, she will spearhead innovation and put in place strategies that would realise growth and development in the dairy sector.

Emond would become an IDF Global Dairy Ambassador serving the interests of billions of people around the world whose livelihoods depend on milk and dairy products as farmers, processors, suppliers, traders or consumers.

“The IDF is a prestigious institution with a history stretching back over a hundred years and the chance to lead and contribute to the on-going success of the IDF is a great opportunity.

I look forward to building on the excellent work undertaken by my predecessor Nico van Belzen and join a dynamic team and engaged community of experts around the world,” said Emond.

She was committed to bring energy, dynamism and great experience she had gathered over the years to strengthen IDF’s position in representing the interests of the global dairy sector by ensuring scientific expertise for high quality milk and dairy products.

IDF is a dairy federation that seeks global recognition as a leading source of scientific and technical expertise in supporting high quality, nutritious and safe sustainable dairy products.

According to Emond, IDF was the united voice for the international dairy sector and its multisectoral expertise places it on the forefront in advocating for consumer-producers- processor and stakeholder wellbeing.

“Now, more so than ever, it is imperative that the dairy sector extols the virtues of dairy produce and clearly demonstrates how dairy an essential part of a healthy, balanced and sustainable diet is.

I will engage proactively with the relevant stakeholders to further the dairy sector’s interests and ensure the IDF provides international policymakers and influencers with science-based guidance and leadership,” she added.

IDF was also privileged to receive quality service from Mr. Christian Robert, who served as IDF’s Director General since 2005.