USA – International Flavors & Fragrances (IFF), a leading producer of food ingredients, has added new innovation capabilities to its North American Creation and Design in New Century, Kentucky.

The 3,700-square-foot expansion aims at combining the company’s flavour and ingredient product development capabilities and further increases its food design offerings to better support the region’s food industry.

The project includes the addition of two flavour creation labs, the expansion of existing food application design labs for dairy, bars, culinary and bakery, and an addition of a lab for pet food development.

According to IFF, the New Century facility is now the company’s second-largest creative centre in North America and houses 10 labs, and six state-of-the-art pilot plants, providing better customer support and enhancing innovative product development.

“Our capability expansion in New Century provides a significant advantage to our customers,” Carmen Cain, regional president for IFF’s Nourish division said.

“By integrating flavours, ingredients, and food design in one space, we can increase our speed-to-market while offering a breadth of knowledge and resources across multiple food categories.”

In addition, IFF noted that the two new flavour creation labs for sweet and savoury flavours, respectively mark the first time flavorists will be based at the New Century facility.

The expert flavorists will develop alongside the dairy, bakery, bars, culinary and pet food product application and design teams.

Debra Missel, regional creation & design director for North America, added that having flavorists on-site working side by side with the product application and food design experts will enhance the firm’s ability to rapidly create total product solutions that address both functionality and taste.

“New Century has one of the largest dairy and cereal bar pilot plants in North America. This investment benefits our customers because it streamlines their development times, getting products to the shelf that much faster,” she added.

Earlier this year, the global flavour provider increased its innovation capabilities with two new flavour labs in Northern Europe.

The sweet and culinary flavour creation labs were the latest addition to the company’s expansive campus that has been in operation since 1964, spanning more than 312,150 square feet in Brabrand, Denmark.

The innovation hub is home to more than 400 employees engaged in research, application development, ingredient and flavour creation.

The facility also enables local and regional manufacturers to collaborate closely with a new team of flavorists who introduce the latest modulation technologies and develop solutions for the beverage, bakery, dairy, snacks, culinary, bars and confectionery end markets.

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