USA – International Flavors & Fragrances (IFF), an American corporation that produces flavors and fragrances has expanded into the nutraceutical industry by addressing specific formulation challenges associated with delivering effective and appealing plant-based alternatives.

According to Michael Baumann, Global Strategic Marketing Manager of Pharma Solutions at IFF, the nutraceutical market is witnessing increased demand for vegan supplements, and manufacturers face challenges in formulating products that meet consumer expectations for efficacy and delivery formats.

Baumann highlighted that IFF has achieved success in encapsulating high viscosity liquid and semi-liquid nutritional ingredients in softgel dietary supplement applications, overcoming complexities in the development and formulation of plant-based ingredients.

“At IFF, we have achieved encapsulation success with high viscosity liquid and semi-liquid nutritional ingredients in softgel dietary supplement applications,” he said.

He added that formulation technologies play a crucial role in influencing the design, taste, and ingredient profile of nutraceuticals and dietary supplements.

In addition, he noted that consumer demand for vegetarian and vegan supplements has risen significantly in recent years, with 45% of consumers expressing a desire for more plant-based vitamin, mineral, and dietary supplement products.

“Vegan-friendly options are becoming popular across diverse delivery methods, with hard capsules and softgels remaining the most prevalent systems, followed closely by gummies.”

Baumann noted that gummies, hard capsules, and softgels remain popular delivery methods, and plant-based ingredients such as curcumin and ashwagandha are gaining traction.

While dietary supplement gummies are popular for their convenience and indulgence, Baumann acknowledged the concern about their high sugar content.

He suggested that plant-based solutions, such as tailored pectin grades, can enable the formulation of sugar-free gummies without compromising taste or texture, aligning with the demand for healthier alternatives.

IFF offers a range of innovative formulation technologies for the nutraceutical sector, including plant-based soft-shell capsules that match the performance of traditional animal-based gelatin technology.

One example is Verdigel SC, a carrageenan-free softgel technology that facilitates the creation of vegan softgels.

Baumann emphasized IFF’s commitment to enhancing the consumer experience by offering a portfolio of flavors aligned with consumer preferences and technology-enabled taste designs.

The company focuses on health ingredients that align with various trending health categories, providing the nutraceutical sector with opportunities to meet the demands of health-conscious and label-conscious consumers.

Despite challenges faced by the nutraceutical industry due to economic conditions and changing consumer preferences, Baumann suggested that selecting the right vegan softgel technologies can improve production rates and qualities, supporting cost-effectiveness and competitiveness.