DENMARK – International Flavors & Fragrances Inc. (IFF), a global leader in the food and beverage, home and personal care, and health industries, has introduced a Sustainability Brewing Calculator aimed at simplifying sustainable decision-making for breweries. 

This innovative online tool, part of IFF’s broader commitment to sustainability, enables breweries to make informed decisions about raw material inputs.  

By revealing how adjustments can result in significant savings in water, energy, CO2 emissions, and land use, the calculator promises to drive more sustainable beer production practices. 

Todd Krieger, sustainable solutions director at IFF, emphasized the importance of this tool: “Our Sustainability Brewing Calculator is a testament to our ongoing commitment to providing solutions that support sustainability at every level of operation.” 

The calculator employs Life Cycle Assessment methodology and existing sustainability data to simulate brewing recipe adjustments, providing actionable insights.  

Karine Dedman, marketing category manager for brewing and distilling enzymes at IFF, noted: “The brewing industry has long faced challenges in sustainability, particularly in energy and water use. Our new calculator empowers brewers with precise, easy-to-understand data on the benefits of sustainable raw materials.” 

Brewers can input simple information into the tool’s dashboard, which then quantifies sustainability benefits in tangible terms.  

IFF reports that the calculator has already enabled several breweries to implement successful changes based on scientifically sound and practically viable recommendations, leading to significant operational improvements and cost savings. 

Beyond data-driven insights, the comprehensive report generated by the tool includes a guide to IFF’s enzymatic solutions, such as Laminex for improved beer filtration, Amylex for efficient starch conversion, and Bclear for robust stabilization. 

“IFF is dedicated to pioneering innovations that help our customers succeed in their markets and do so responsibly,” added Krieger.  

“We invite all brewing professionals to explore how the Sustainability Brewing Calculator can make a difference in their production processes and environmental footprint.” 

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