USA – International Flavors & Fragrances (IFF), global leader in taste, scent and nutrition has unveiled a new purpose and brand identity, with a renewed focus on people and the planet.

The new purpose: To redefine & transform how we live in and care for the resources of our world commits to supporting its employees and customers in taking care of the environment.

Uncommon Sense, the Company’s new mantra, challenges its employees to rethink conventional wisdom to create a culture where ideas and possibilities flow.

The brand is underpinned by three pillars: Question Everything, Champion Creators, and Do More Good.

The new identity further enhances the company’s drive towards innovation, with a customer-centric focus in the flavors and fragrances space.

“With such a diverse and expansive organization, we needed a purpose that can connect us globally,” said Andreas Fibig, IFF Chairman and CEO.

“So, we’ve created something new in our industry – a purpose that both embraces and goes beyond our day-to-day and helps us reach higher for the good of people and our planet.

“That’s the essence of who we are. We want to be ahead, doing more and doing it better than the rest.

“Our new purpose and Uncommon Sense brand are aiming high, but I believe our purpose should bring our people together while making us stretch beyond what we think is possible today.”

According to him, the new brand is designed to challenge expectations and maintain its leadership in sustainability.

In its 2018 Sustainability Report: Toward a Circular Future, IFF highlighted consistent progress with ambitious business and sustainability initiatives intended to create value for all its stakeholders.

It said it had surpassed its 2020 goals for greenhouse gas emissions (goal 25%, actual 33.8%), water (goal 50%, actual 68.2%) and hazardous waste (goal 25%, actual 42.1%) in 2017.

The company launched EcoEffective+ in 2018, which includes a science-based reduction target for greenhouse gas emissions, as its next generation of environmental goals.

“Five years ago, we promised to redefine IFF’s role in the flavors and fragrances industry.

“Since that time, we have nearly doubled our product offerings, sales and world-class talent and expanded our customers base by more than tenfold.

“We have become a leader in sustainability, responsible for many industry firsts – and galvanized our employees to embrace their role in making the world a better place,” said Andreas Fibig.