IFF’s Frutarom division gets organic certification for annatto color extracts

USA – Frutarom Natural Solutions, the flavour division of International Flavors & Fragrances Frutarom has received organic certification for its natural annatto color extracts.

The ingredient was granted organic certifications from both the U.S. Department of Agriculture and The European Organic Certifiers Council.

The product is used to provide a yellow to reddish color to foods and beverages, and category growth is driven by increasing consumer need for fair trade, sustainable and organic products.

According to Frutarom, more than 50 annatto seed farmers were trained and registered to support the certification while the division maintains full traceability on the growing and harvesting processes to provide a pure, organic annatto color.

“Organic colors are an integral part of the established clean label trend, meaning that the colors support our customers’ efforts to satisfy consumer needs,” said Yoni Glickman, President, Natural Product Solutions of IFF Frutarom.

“Organic certification has become the standard of the industry, especially as it involves all aspects of growing, harvesting, extracting, and maintaining full traceability of the ingredient, from seed to final product.”

The annatto extracts are grown on agricultural free of prohibited chemicals and the farmers non-GMO seeds without applying synthetic fertilizers, antibiotics, pesticides, or hormones.

The development accelerates Frutarom’s strategy to provide customers with sustainable and at the same time quality products, something identified as a key trend in 2019.

Research by Innova Market Insights show that more consumers prefer a food & beverage product over another if it claimed to be sustainable and planet friendly.

To accelerate its Vision 2020 strategy to create a global leader in natural taste, IFF which acquired Frutarom for US$7.1 billion, is leading innovations in scent, taste and nutrition, with over 110 manufacturing facilities, 100 R&D centers, and 33,000 customers globally.

“It is all about caring and staying loyal to consumers’ expectations for better-for-you products that are also eco-friendly and help us to protect the environment,” said Ilanit Bar-Zeev, VP, Natural Product Solutions of IFF Frutarom.

“There is a delicate balance in providing natural, organic color with responsible sourcing, while still keeping it cost effective.”

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