USA – Ignite Beverages, a subsidiary of Ignite International Brands, has launched a new vodka to its premium beverages line, which currently includes alkaline PH9 water.

Ignite’s new vodka is distilled from corn and blends high-quality ingredients representing the company’s “world-class brand.” 

Produced in New York, Ignite said that the vodka will be distributed nationally within the United States and available for purchase in retail locations including specialty retail, grocery and convenience.

“We’ve been hard at work perfecting our products for our consumers, and with the introduction of vodka, we’re continuing to push the envelope and disrupt the beverage category with our premium quality products,” said President, Curtis Heffernan.

“We’re excited to add vodka to our portfolio of premium products and introduce a spirit that meets the high industry standards the IGNITE brand is known for.”

The new product is part of the company’s planned expansion through brand leverage, product development, targeted marketing and strategic supply chain partnerships in each of its active and target jurisdictions.

In January this year, Ignite affirmed that it is continuing with its plans to expand its distribution, both within North America and internationally, in addition to introducing new products in fiscal 2020.

These value-added additions will supplement the current line of expanded CBD product offerings, including those introduced in November and December of 2019 which included broad spectrum and isolate gummies and an exciting new line of CBD pet products.

The company has also entered into agreements with two leading US companies; Acost and Accelerate 360 to support the company in a broad spectrum of capabilities with its deep experience and connections.

Ignite views Acosta as a sales and marketing powerhouse behind some of the world’s most recognized brands and a proven resource for top retailers across the United States and Canada.

In pursuant to the agreement, Ignite will tap into Acosta’s 100 plus offices across the United States and Canada to reach over 200,000 outlet visits each month.

“We are building IGNITE to be a global brand, with innovative, quality products and expanded domestic and international distribution as our highest priority.

“The new strategic partnerships with Acosta and Accelerate will help IGNITE reach more consumers through new points of distribution for our recently expanded product portfolio,” Heffernan said.