USA – Plant-based food company, Impossible Foods has unveiled gluten-free, non-meat Impossible Burger set to launch in the grocery stores later this year.

The next generation, one of its first major product upgrade is said to deliver great taste, nutrition and versatility.

According to the company, the plant-based burger contains no gluten, animal hormones or antibiotics, has 0mg of cholesterol, 14 grams of total fat and 240 calories in a quarter-pound patty.

The recipe includes soy protein, giving the burger a meaty chew and texture while the absence of wheat (gluten) comes to address the needs of consumers who wanted a plant-based product but gluten-free.

Contrary to the original Impossible Burger which was custom-designed for flat-top cooking at restaurants, the new recipe is said to work in every ground meat dish.

It can be steamed, seared or sizzled on slats over an open flame and retains its texture and juiciness throughout the cooking process.

“Impossible Burger fans told us loud and clear they wanted a gluten-free burger that was at least as nutritious as meat from animals.

Our new product delivers all the taste meat lovers crave – without compromise to nutrition or the planet,” said Impossible Foods chief operations officer and chief financial officer David Lee.

The burger was developed by Impossible Foods scientists genetically engineer and ferment yeast to produce a heme protein naturally found in plants, called soy leghemoglobin.

According to the company, the heme in its burgers is identical to the heme humans consume in meat.

The burgers are available in more than 5,000 restaurant and burger chains in the US as well as 100 outlets in Hong Kong and Macau and the firm plans to roll out the same in US grocery stores this year.

Headquartered in Redwood City, California, Impossible Foods secured US$75 million funding for meatless burgers with the backing from Bill Gates, Singapore company Temasek and Open Philanthropy Project.