INDIA – Delhi based coffee firm SardarBuksh has agreed to change its name after the Delhi High Court ruled that its name rhymed with that of the American coffee company, Starbucks.

SardarBuksh will run its business under the trademark Sardarji-Bakhsh, even though its logo, which like Starbuck’s is a circle of green and black with a figure at the centre will remain the same.

Speaking to AFP, Sanmeet Singh Kalra, co-founder of SardarBuksh argued that its logo varied with that of Starbucks as it featured a man in a turban and not a mermaid.

“Our name rhymed with Starbucks which is why the court has ruled (on Thursday) in their favour,” he said.

In July, Starbucks filed a lawsuit against SardarBuksh for copying the name and the famous logo of the two-tailed mermaid.

Based on the ruling, all of the chain’s Delhi outlets will be renamed Sardarji-Bakhsh after two months.

Additionally, their upcoming 17 outlets will also sport the new branding, five of the existing outlets will only carry forth the SardarBuksh branding for two more months while three outlets have already been renamed.

SardarBuksh which started from a cart in 2016 currently has 25 outlets in Delhi and they are planning to open more outlets in NCR and nearby areas.

A trademark clash

Even before its debut in India, the world’s second largest burger chain, Burger King was battling trademark cases with food joints using similar names or logos.

Ludhiana-based street vendor Mr Singh Burger King changed the brand to Mr Singh Food King after Burger King filed a legal suit against the food business.

A Varanasi-based restaurant called Burger King also changed its name to Taste King after a Delhi High Court injunction.

Other trade mark cases involve Burger King Restaurant Pvt. Ltd., a chain of vegetarian outlets based in Gujarat; and that of Miami-based Burger King Corp known for its signature whopper burgers