INDIA – The Indian grocery and milk delivery startup Milkbasket has unveiled a “voice-buying” service at its grocery stores, which it claims reduces the order time by over 50%.

The service, available on Google Assistant or later on Amazon Alexa will allow customers to place their orders using voice command.

The Gurugram-based grocery store is placing itself at a competitive advantage in the grocery delivery space by meeting the needs of the Indians whose ever-becoming busy lifestyles calls for home deliveries.

It offers convenience and claims to fulfil orders received from its customers on a wide selection of grocery products before midnight and get these delivered to their doorstep before 7am every day.

“Technology is the backbone of Milkbasket, and over the years we have introduced many innovations, such as no checkout, one tap buying, among others, that have helped us in making the user’s journey more convenient than before.

Voice buying is one of our best offerings till date, that makes the user journey seamless,” said Ashish Goel, co-founder & CTO of Milkbasket.

Milkbasket deals in milk and breakfast products, at the same time offers delivery services and it to touch over 40,000 households across over 180 communities in Gurugram.

Speaking on the matter, co-founder Anant Goel said, “Milkbasket is synonymous with grocery and convenience for our customers, and the introduction of voice buying further elevates their experience.

This is the year of reinvention for us, and we are proud to introduce the next-gen buying experience in India.”

“Consumer tech is evolving and voice assistance is gaining popularity with the advent of Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Milkbasket’s ‘Voice Buying’ aims to work seamlessly with both and the user receives an incomparable experience, with order time reduced by over 50%.”