NIGERIA – The Dufil Prima Food Plc, a Nigerian based company and makers of Indomie Noodles has established a palm oil processing refinery in Abia State, Nigeria in an effort to boost the country’s economy, reports Invest Nigeria.

Speaking at the foundation laying ceremony, the Legal Adviser of the company, Mrs Nnenna Ejekam explained that the palm oil processing refinery will help create employment in the rural areas.

She also said the plant also serves to comply with the directive of the Central Bank of Nigeria that all food related companies should set up plants locally to produce their raw material needs.

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) had given a time limit to all companies that use refined vegetable oil as raw materials, to cease forthwith on its importation from Malaysia.

Earlier on the CBN’ had issued a directive advising the affected industries to either set up plants locally to produce their raw materials or alternatively to locally source the raw materials.

The President-General (PG) of Item Development Association (IDA) Chief Kingsley Ogba Nwokoro said that Item people are happy with the company for siting their project in their place.

“It could be recalled that palm industry is one of the main businesses the people of Item are well known for.

As our people had embraced palm oil since ages and which could be rightly described as our heritage, we have demonstrated a great deal of resilience and mastery with a huge deal of investment and success in that area,” he said.

The PG said that the plant will to ensure that Item has a pride of place in the comity of communities as a symbol of its venture into modern day production of refined vegetable oil.

“With the coming into our communities by Dufil Prima Foods Plc, makers of renowned Indomie noodles and power oil, we will be more known as one of the leading communities in the country where vegetable oil is produced in commercial quantity,” he said.

During the occasion, Dufil Prima Food’s Chief Operating Officer, Madhukar Khetan; Executive Director Production, Adhi Narto and Lim Saradosa including Mrs. Nnenna Ejekam received awards of merit from the company.