Indomie noodles wins Ghana Business Awards Brand of the Year

GHANA – Indomie, a brand of instant noodle produced and distributed by Multipro Pvt Ltd, Ghana has received the Brand of the Year recognition at the Ghana Business Awards.

In an event held at the Kempinski Hotel in Accra, the noodles maker was recognized for excellence and as a top player in business and industry.

It stood out among other nominees including Coca Cola Bottling Company of Ghana Ltd, MTN Ghana, Kasapreko Co Ltd, EcoBank Ghana, Special Group of Companies, Despite Group of Companies and Vodafone Ghana.

The awards look to celebrate the private sector which is critical in the provision of needed jobs, skills training, skills transfer, innovation, managerial training, products and services, taxes and revenues for economic well-being.

“Indomie winning the Brand of the Year was humbling. We are happy with the recognition.

It will challenge us to continue to do what we love and do best,” said Mr Mahesh Shah, the General Manager of Multipro.

According to him, the company would continue to work closely with its key stakeholders to ensure that they also prospered in their various business ventures.

He dedicated the award to the numerous distributors, retailers and consumers of the nutritious noodles.

Speaking on the awards, Latif Abubakar, the Project Manager and Executive Director of the Ghana Business Summit, Exhibition and Awards said: ‘We rewarded industry champions – the best in each industry and the best of the best.’

The Ghana Business Awards is a prestigious awards programme that recognises and rewards excellence across all sectors in Ghana.

The Awards provides a platform to recognize individuals and companies that play a significant role in the growth and development of their business sector while recognising the key functions within the sector that promote growth and sustainability.

Key among the standards is innovation, customer service, corporate social responsibility and competitive pricing.

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