USA – Ingredion Incorporated, a leading global provider of ingredient solutions to diversified industries, has added three functional potato starches to its processed cheese ingredient portfolio, giving manufacturers greater functionality and choice.

According to the company, the CheeseApp 50, 70 and 80 enable recipe cost savings in processed analogue block cheeses while delivering the appealing texture and sensory qualities consumers crave.

FoodingredientsFirst reported that it’s the first time Ingredion has brought potato-based starches to the processed cheese market, bringing its total portfolio of solutions to 12.

With the addition of the three CheeseApp starches, food producers can improve the meltability, firmness and gratability of the analogue block and block processed cheeses for applications including pizza toppings, processed cheese slices and individually wrapped slices.

“Cheese is generally made up of three significant components – fat, protein and moisture – which together deliver the texture and flavor consumers have come to enjoy.

However, when developing processed and analogue cheese, manufacturers often look to replace expensive ingredients such as protein, while being careful not to affect the eating experience.

This is particularly the case in emerging markets where affordability is key for consumers and producers alike,” said Severine Bensa, Senior Marketing Manager at Ingredion EMEA.

“With the CheeseApp solutions, manufacturers can substitute protein and still produce a high-quality product with appealing texture at a lower cost.

They also help to facilitate cost-effective gelling and melting properties at different protein levels and we have already developed a number of successful prototype recipes in our Idea Labs innovation centers.”

CheeseApp 50 modified potato starch provides firmness and strong gelling, while CheeseApp 70 provides a soft texture and perfect melt for pizza shreds and cheese slices.

CheeseApp 80 can be used alone to give processed and analogue block cheese a low firmness and good melting behavior.

These potato-based starches are easy to use and incorporate into formulations, gelatinizing even at low processing temperatures and shear with improved meltability and extended texture stability over shelf life.

“Whether you are looking to develop a new vegan block cheese, slices for burgers or the perfect melted grated pizza cheese as it comes out of the oven, our in-house chefs and food technologists can help identify the right cheese solutions for you,” added Bensa.

“With our deep knowledge in starch technology and understanding of the processing challenges manufacturers face, we can replicate our customers’ conditions to scale in our dairy pilot plant, helping to quickly identify the recipes with the right ingredients before moving to larger batch production,” she explained.