USA – The Illinois ingredient provider, Ingredion has launched two new certified, organic starches, an addition to its clean-label range for the US and Canada.

The starches, Novation Prima 309 and 609 boast of superior eating experiences suitable for organic products that undergo harsh process conditions and require high freeze/thaw stability, such as organic savory foods, alternative-dairy products and baby foods.

They carry the ‘organic corn starch’ label, are viscous, provide gel strength to modified starches and stable at cold temperature.

Even after several freeze or thaw cycles, the starches when cooked, are said that they do gel or cause syneresis, while giving a smooth, short texture.

Pat O’Brien, Senior Manager of Marketing for the Wholesome springboard at Ingredion Incorporated, North America s noted that consumer demand for clean-label organic products especially organic baby foods is growing at a faster rate and with a large number of corn starches on the market, the certified organic, clean label functional corn starches are set to benefit both consumers and manufacturers.

“With the increased level of trust consumers have around products labelled as organic, Ingredion is passionate about continuing to develop and provide solutions for food manufacturers looking to address this need,” said Sharon Chittkusol, Associate Marketing Manager, Wholesome Innovation for North America, at Ingredion.

Ingredion’s research study on organic ingredients preference indicated that consumers prefer organic corn starch to non-organic and this supports the company’s strive to achieve organic positioning while maintaining the product’s desired taste, texture and product quality.

The research showed that consumers are more stringent when it comes to evaluating products in more categories like meat, dairy and baby foods, there are many new clean label product innovations in snacks and confectionery.

According to Chittkusol, consumers are seeking organic for a variety of factors including Trust, Nutrition, and Sustainability.

“With the increased level of trust consumers have around products labeled as organic, we are passionate about creating the innovative organic solutions manufacturers need to stay ahead.

With Novation Prima 309 and 609 organic functional native corn starches, food developers are now able to meet consumer demand for clean, organic product labels with foods that hold their texture and maintain flavor in the refrigerator or freezer,” says Igor Playner, Vice President of Innovation and Strategy for Ingredion, North America.

“Manufacturers can also now simplify their organic labels by removing other texturizers that may no longer be needed,” Playner concludes.

As demand for clean label starches rise, Baneo, a provider of functional ingredients unveiled plans to launch a clean label rice starch called Remypure S52, its second functional native rice starch to be used in sauces, dressings and baby food.