US – Ingredion Incorporated, a leading global provider of specialty ingredients, has announced the introduction of PURECIRCLE Clean Taste Solubility Solution (CTSS), a clean label stevia innovation poised to transform the landscape of sugar reduction in food and beverages. 

This pioneering solution, developed by PureCircle, a subsidiary of Ingredion, boasts exceptional solubility, surpassing traditional stevia alternatives such as Reb M by over 100 times.  

Extensive sensory testing conducted with a global consumer panel has confirmed its unparalleled taste performance, outcompeting other artificial sweeteners while maintaining a natural origin. 

Nate Yates, CEO of PureCircle by Ingredion, emphasized the significance of this innovation in overcoming historical challenges faced by food and beverage brands in achieving desired levels of sugar reduction.  

“With PureCircle Clean Taste Solubility Solution, we’ve overcome this challenge with a stevia-only ingredient that differs from other current market offerings,” Yates stated. 

The solution, considered a natural origin sweetener, mirrors the sensory experience of sugar without the need for additives during the manufacturing process. Its versatility allows for application across various product categories, including beverages, fruit preps, syrups, liquid concentrates, bars, and sauces. 

Furthermore, CTSS surpasses common artificial sweeteners like aspartame in solubility, making it an ideal choice for achieving high levels of sugar reduction without compromising taste.  

Its non-GMO and non-caloric properties ensure ease of use for food and beverage manufacturers without additional steps or interruptions to production processes. 

Consumer trends indicate a growing emphasis on health and wellness, with a significant portion of global consumers willing to pay more for products with sugar reduction claims.  

According to Ingredion’s 2023 ATLAS proprietary consumer research, over two-thirds of global consumers prioritize sugar reduction in their purchasing decisions. 

Additionally, a 2023 Statista survey revealed that 46 percent of consumers prioritize reducing sugar in their diets, underscoring the demand for innovative sugar reduction solutions in the market. 

The evolution of consumer preferences towards sweetness has driven the need for adaptable sweetening solutions. While some consumers have adapted to the taste profiles of diet drinks, others seek less sugary products compared to previous years. 

PureCircle’s introduction of the Clean Taste Solutions line, including CTSS, aligns with this evolving landscape by providing tailored, non-GMO stevia solutions optimized for taste performance based on specific product categories and sugar reduction targets. 

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