CHINA – PureCircle, a subsidiary of Ingredion Incorporated, has been granted plant breeders’ rights (PBR) for its exclusive stevia plant varietal, “PCS-13,” by Chinese regulators.  

This milestone further solidifies Ingredion’s position in the global market and underscores its commitment to providing innovative sugar reduction solutions. 

The PBR for PCS-13, obtained in 2023, recognizes PureCircle’s pioneering efforts in cultivating stevia varietals with optimized yields and steviol glycoside content. 

PureCircle has developed proprietary varietals like PCS-13, leverages advancements in genomic mapping to deliver high yields and quantities of sought-after steviol glycosides, making stevia a preferred plant-based sugar alternative sweetener. 

Nate Yates, CEO of PureCircle, expressed pride in the company’s achievements, stating, “Receiving PBR for our proprietary stevia varietal is a testament to years of plant breeding and development by the PureCircle organization.”  

He emphasized the importance of innovation in driving the adoption of stevia as a sustainable and ethically-sourced sweetening solution. 

PureCircle’s commitment to protecting its intellectual property extends to working closely with Chinese authorities to safeguard its PBR and other patents.  

Kurt Callaghan, Chief of Staff at PureCircle, emphasized the company’s dedication to developing powerful stevia varietals while urging industry stakeholders to respect PureCircle’s intellectual property rights. 

In addition to its innovative varietal development, PureCircle prioritizes environmental sustainability. A peer-reviewed Sweeteners Life Cycle Assessment published by Ingredion in 2022 highlighted stevia’s minimal environmental impact compared to traditional caloric sweeteners.  

Approximately two-thirds of the total impact comes from agriculture, underscoring the importance of sustainable farming practices. 

As consumer demand for healthier products rises, ingredient manufacturers are increasingly exploring sugar reduction trends.  

Data from Innova Market Insights reveals a growing interest in sugar-free claims, with stevia emerging as a popular ingredient choice for formulators seeking to meet clean label demands without compromising taste. 

Recent partnerships, such as the collaboration between Dsm-firmenich and Cargill, aim to develop non-artificial, calorie-free sweetening solutions using fermentation technology to replicate the sweetness of the stevia leaf.  

These initiatives reflect the industry’s commitment to innovation and sustainability in response to evolving consumer preferences. 

PureCircle’s attainment of PBR for PCS-13 underscores its leadership in stevia varietal development and its contribution to the advancement of sugar reduction solutions globally. 


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