MOROCCO – An Israeli company has launched an aquaculture project in the Western Sahara region of Morocco, according to Ofir Akunis, Israel’s Minister of Innovation, Science, and Technology.

Akunis who was speaking at the 2023 United Nations Water Conference noted that the investment was “made possible by the Abraham accords.”

Signed in 2020 between Israel and several Arab countries, the UAE being the first, the Abraham accords were meant to foster peace and enhance trade relations in the Middle East.

As a result of increased cooperation and mutual understanding, the Middle East and North Africa (MENA)  has experienced significant improvements in its security, economic links among member states, and the promotion of projects that benefit all member states.

Morocco joined the Abraham Accords in 2021 and the new investment in fish farming by an unknown Israeli firm is a continuation of budding relations between the two nations.

Previously, the National Agriculture Agency of Morocco and the Israeli firm AgriGo signed a contract at the Haleutis conference in February to launch an aqua farm in the Tangier area sometime in April.

The Morocco-Israel Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIMI) hosted the inaugural agriculture and fish farming symposium between the two nations last year, with an emphasis on sharing knowledge and applying technology to address water problems, in particular in irrigation.

Orna Barbivai, a former Israeli minister of economy, emphasized in 2022 that Israel was serious about establishing a “basis of strategic relationship” with its North African allies.

According to Barbivai, Israel plans to double the value of bilateral trade from US$130 million to US$500 million.

Talks between Akunis and Nizar Baraka, the Minister of Equipment and Water for Morocco during the United Nations Water Conference highlighted this commitment as they bordered around opportunities for bilateral cooperation.

The world over, people are worried about the droughts that have hit dozens of countries, and Israel and Morocco are no different.

According to statements made at the United Nations Water Conference, the Moroccan government is at the forefront of efficient and effective use of water resources, just as it is in other sectors that make up the country’s business, commercial, and economic fabric.

The Water Resources Management (WRM) division was singled out for praise due to its exceptional water crisis management, particularly in recent years when droughts have been commonplace in part due to climate change.

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