ISRAEL – Israel-based and maker of high-quality children’s dietary supplements, Anlit Ltd has unveiled a new, chewable DHA omega-3 supplements to help mother during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

The fish-shaped supplements single-serving bite contain a high concentration of DHA as well as EPA (126mg DHA, 24mg EPA), for a total of 150mg omega-3 fatty acids, according to PRNewswire.

The Omega Bite chew is said to be odourless, this nature geared for pregnant women as the ‘fishy aroma’ exuded by omega-3 supplements can make it difficult to consume conventional omega-3 supplements.

“Pregnant women in particular are very sensitive to fish oil taste and smell,” explains Shai Karlinski, VP of sales and marketing for Anlit.

“We tested a range of high omega-3 developed by Anlit’s R&D experts before succeeding in creating one that can meet the growing demand for a tasty, odourless omega-3 supplements.

Often, the typical size of omega-3 soft gel is hard to swallow and not appealing to consumers.

This unique formula helps millennial moms avoid the unpleasant aroma and aftertaste of fish-oil omega-3s and instead enjoy consuming it like a treat.”

It is also trans-fat free, nut-free, gluten-free, and made from only simple ingredients.

She added the technology used in Omega Bites overcomes challenges such as stability and unpleasant flavour and aroma, providing a tasty and-most importantly, a safe-solution for pregnant women.

According to the company, the delicious chewy matrix, also helps overcome ‘pill fatigue’, the reluctance to take nutritional supplements.

Innova reports that the global new food and beverage product launches with an omega-3 for pregnancy or breastfeeding claim are growing at 34% annually while there is a 10.8% average annual growth in overall global product launches with omega-3 claims.

Omega3 fatty acids are essential for pregnant women and the foetus, or the development of baby’s central nervous system, the retina of the eye and to support memory and cognitive function after birth.

In a study that is being considered by the British government, research indicate probiotics and fish oil supplements during pregnancy and breastfeeding could help reduce the risk for food allergies and eczema in early childhood.