Japan receives approval to export dairy products to the EU

ASIA – Japan has received the approval of the European Commission to export dairy products to the European Union following the request of the same.

According to the Dairy Reporter, Japan had made a request to the EC for authorization to export raw milk, dairy products, colostrum and colostrum-based products that have undergone non-specific treatment to the EU.

According to an EU document seen by Dairy Reporter, Japan is a third country listed by the World Organisation for Animal Health as being free of foot-and-mouth disease where vaccination is not practiced and therefore fulfils the Union animal health import requirements.

From the results of veterinary controls carried out in Japan, the commission said the authorities provide appropriate guarantees as regards compliance with animal health import requirements.

“In light of the appropriate guarantees provided by Japan and of the favourable animal health situation as regards foot-and-mouth disease in Japan, it is appropriate to include Japan in Annex I to Regulation (EU) No 605/2010, the list of third countries or parts thereof authorized for the introduction into the EU of consignments of raw milk, dairy products, colostrum and colostrum-based products and indicates the type of treatment required for such commodities,” read a Dairy Reporter report.

The new regulations are expected to be effective March 25, 2019.

The announcement comes after the EC voted to lift a ban on Japanese egg and dairy products, putting them on the exemption list.

Because of the EU’s quarantine restrictions, beef had been the only Japanese animal product export authorized by the common market.  

This decision could also have been influenced by an economic partnership agreement signed by Japan and the EU in January.

With the Memorandum of Understanding, it is expected that the EU will eliminate most tariffs on Japanese farm goods and allow Japan to export mayonnaise, sponge cakes and similar goods.

The delay to allow Japanese-produced pork and chicken into the EU was also attributed to cases of swine fever and bird flu occurring in Japan.

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