KENYA – Java House, East Africa’s leading coffee and food chain restaurant, has launched its latest innovation, cold brew coffee, a ready-to-drink made from 100% Kenyan Arabica coffee beans.

The launch, which is part of its mission to improve the coffee-drinking experience, was concurrent with the celebration of its 24th-anniversary celebrations.

The innovation was a collaboration between Java House; KEVIAN, manufacturer of Afia and Pick n Peel fruit juices, and dairy processor Bio Food Products Ltd.

Cold brew coffee, also called cold water extraction or cold pressing, is the process of steeping coffee grounds in water at cool temperatures for an extended period of about 12 to 24 hours.

The Coffee type has become one of the beverage industry’s remarkable categories, combining innovation, exceptional flavor, and positive social impact.

Cold Brew is known to have a more appealing and less acidic taste and because of its concentration, it can also have up to twice the amount of caffeine as the standard cup of coffee.

In addition to a higher caffeine content than hot-brewed coffee, Java said this new offering is intended to appeal to those seeking an energizing and refreshing pick-me-up throughout the day.

The drink comes in 330ml cans and is initially available in two flavors: sweetened and unsweetened, catering to a wide range of consumer preferences.

Priscilla Gathungu, the Java House CEO, said that the cold brew experience is refreshingly different, appealing to coffee enthusiasts looking for a less bitter and acidic alternative that can be enjoyed chilled or over ice.

“As the birthplace of some of the world’s finest coffee beans, this innovation presents an extraordinary opportunity for farmers to showcase their exceptional produce and uplift their communities. Besides, this venture also aligns perfectly with our sustainability goals and reinforces our dedication to the coffee supply chain,” said Ms Gathungu.

“It is also a great way for energy seekers to get that caffeine boost from a natural source as the product is only made with 100% Kenyan Arabica coffee and water for the unsweetened and coffee, water and sugar for the sweetened can.”

Since opening its doors in 1999 in Nairobi, Java has expanded in the East African region with three sister brands such as Kukito, Planet Yoghurt, and 360 Degrees Pizza.

The coffee house just recently opened its 84th branch in the city’s bustling Eastleigh neighborhood, targeting the populous market.

The new branch is poised to captivate diners by offering more casual dining options in the area, offering a Halal-compliant menu, coffee, and other retail items through sit-down or online deliveries from partners such as Carrefour, Glovo, Jumia Foods, Bolt Foods, Uber Eats, and Little Cab.

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