KENYA – Java, East Africa’s leading coffee and food chain restaurant, has extended its presence in Nairobi with the opening of a new outlet located at TotalEnergies in Muthaiga.

The strategic move aligns with Java’s commitment to offering convenient dining options to Nairobi residents and commuters.

The newly inaugurated establishment, known as Java House On-the-Go, is specifically designed to cater to motorists and busy individuals seeking a quick, high-quality dining experience.

The venture was officially introduced in a ceremony attended by key figures from Java and TotalEnergies.

Christophe Wittmann, TotalEnergies Kenya Retail & Card Commercial Manager, Priscilla Gathungu, CEO of Java House, Eric Fanchini, Managing Director of TotalEnergies Kenya, and Orge Godana, Finance Director of Java House, came together to mark the occasion.

The expansion of Java into Muthaiga represents the company’s commitment to meeting the evolving needs of its customers.

Java House On-the-Go aims to provide a convenient dining solution for those on the move, including motorists and commuters passing through the Muthaiga area.

The collaboration between Java and TotalEnergies signifies a strategic partnership between two prominent brands, leveraging their respective strengths to enhance the overall customer experience.

TotalEnergies is recognized for its extensive network of service stations, while Java House is renowned for its premium dining options.

“This collaboration allows us to offer our customers a delightful dining experience while they refuel their vehicles. It underscores our commitment to providing added value to our customers beyond fueling,” Christophe Wittmann, TotalEnergies Kenya Retail & Card Commercial Manager stated.

On the other hand, Priscilla Gathungu, CEO of Java House, highlighted the significance of the new outlet, noting that Java House On-the-Go at TotalEnergies Muthaiga represents an exciting chapter in the company’s expansion journey.

“We are dedicated to providing high-quality food and beverages that cater to the dynamic lifestyles of our customers,” she said.

“We are committed to enhancing the convenience of our customers’ journeys. This partnership with Java House aligns perfectly with our mission,” Eric Fanchini, Managing Director of TotalEnergies Kenya, added highlighting the importance of convenience for customers.

The new Java House On-the-Go outlet at TotalEnergies Muthaiga represents an exciting development in Nairobi’s dining landscape.

It not only expands the options available to motorists and commuters but also showcases the potential for collaboration between renowned brands to provide enhanced services and experiences for their customers.

As Java continues to expand its footprint in Nairobi, residents and travellers can look forward to more accessible and convenient dining options, reflecting the city’s dynamic and evolving culinary scene.

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