UGANDA – Café Javas is not about to add Brood Bakery and coffee shop into its chain of coffee-themed restaurants, but it will instead have Brood confectionaries, particularly bread, served at its seven outlets across Kampala.

For weeks now, speculation has been that Brood Bakery, located on Kampala Road where Nandos used to operate, has been sold to Café Javas, part of Mandela Group of Companies.

However, in an interview, both Brood owner Amos Nzeyi and director of Café Javas Yassir Ahmed dismissed the claim.

 “I can confirm that we are not buying Brood but we shall have them sell their bread in our restaurants—Café Javas,” Mr Yassir told Daily Monitor yesterday at Javas Kira Road, Kampala. “It’s a partnership and not a take over of Brood business.”

Not for sale

In another interview at Lugogo last week, Mr Amos Nzeyi said the two coffee shops and fast food restaurant will be entering into a partnership where he will be supplying bread to Café Javas and not selling the business to another person.

He said: “We are working together. The deal is that we will supply his outlets with our Brood bread and not taking over.”

The two could not discuss the details of the agreement beyond the bread deal as both remained tight-lipped on whether the partnership could mutate into future take over considering that the two men, Mr Nzeyi and Mr Mandela are shrewd and astute businessmen and negotiators.

Café Javas started operations in response to coffee drinking habits of Ugandans, especially the middle class and the urban based revellers, who suddenly took to coffee drinking as a lifestyle.

November 16, 2015;