JBS sustainability report shows nearly 18% reduction in greenhouse gases

USA – JBS USA has released its 2018 Sustainability Report indicating nearly 18% reduction in greenhouse gas emission intensity since 2015.

The report highlights the company’s sustainability progress in its operations in Australia, Canada, England, France, Mexico, the Netherlands, Northern Ireland, New Zealand and the United States.

The company touted 2018 achievements, including a 4% reduction in electricity use intensity and a 3% reduction in greenhouse gas emission intensity from 2017-2018.

Under the heading of animal care, JBS participated in third-party animal handling audits and received scores between 95 percent and 100 percent.

The company also partnered with more than 25,600 livestock and poultry family farmers and provided payments of more than US$18 billion.

JBS also reported investments of more than US$451 million in sustainability-related projects.

“At our core, we are a food company with a passion to be a part of the family meal, providing sustainable food solutions to our customers and consumers that they can proudly share and serve,” said Andre Nogueira, president and CEO of JBS USA.

“The JBS USA 2018 Sustainability Report details our economic, social and environmental progress and the important role our more than 100,000 team members play in improving the quality of life for millions of families around the world through delicious food.” 

As for 2020 targets laid out last year, the company reported that it completed 89% of its goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions intensity by 20 percent.

JBS said it is at 11.9% on lowering natural gas intensity with the goal being 20 percent.

Regarding a reduction in electricity use by 12% by 2020, the company said it is currently at 10.9%.

JBS USA also stated that it currently reduced workplace injuries by 16%, exceeding the 10% year-over-year goal.

For animal welfare, the company is on track to achieve a 90% or better on JBS USA Animal Health and Welfare Scorecard.

It is also on track to have 100 percent of vendors in compliance with the Supplier Code of Business Ethics and Conduct.


“We continued to make great strides in 2018 to unlock the full potential of our company, recording our second best ever financial results, reducing both financial debt and leverage, investing in our facilities and team members at record levels, enhancing governance and compliance, improving worker safety and reducing our environmental footprint,” Nogueira said.

“Our progress is evident, but we are committed to partnering with our team members and stakeholders to accelerate our progress and responsibly meet the challenges of the future to benefit the next generation.”

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