NETHERLANDS – Kaak, an international leader in stand-alone machines and complete bakery lines, is bundling all specializations in the organization within one brand name: Kaak in line with its vertical integration strategy.  

In a statement, the Dutch family-owned company noted that the decision to bring all its operations under one name represents the desired focus of the internal organization. 

“We are pleased to inform you that all bakery-related entities within our group will be rebranded in order to facilitate our vision of one Kaak organization,” Kaak said. 

“This vision will enable us to continue to provide you with optimal support as also expressed unchanged by our statement ‘You bake, we care’.” 

The company founded in 1846 as a producer of product carriers has since grown leader in stand-alone machines and complete bakery lines, providing all solutions required from silo to crate. 

The has particularly experienced rapid growth within the past 30 years, expanding greatly its services which were previously limited to production of product carriers and the development of the integrator function for various components soon followed such as spiral towers, cooling, and transport systems or robot solutions. 

The successive addition of specializations for dough making, thermo-oil ovens, cyclo-thermal ovens, (re)coating of material, and the systems for silo storage/process optimization made it a true one-stop-shop for bakery products. 

Over the years, the company has expanded beyond its German market and today has a presence in sales offices in the United Kingdom, France, Taiwan, Brazil, and more recently North America. 

As the company celebrates 175 years of bakery craftmanship, it believes bundling all the expertise under one name, Kaak is strengthening its position as a unique and clear point of contact for small or medium-sized bakeries and the larger industrial bakeries.   

Kaak noted that during the transition period, only newcomer Silowacht – which deals with silo storage and process optimization- will still operate under its own name. 

Technical intermediary JAWS (NL) and producer of 3D metal printing K3D (NL) will also retain their own distinctive name as they are non-bakery-related entities. 

In a statement, Kaak clarified that this name change which took effect on 24th June this year does not affect existing agreements and/or contracts. 

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