GHANA – The Kasapreko Company Limited has unveiled a 70-million-dollar ultra-modern bottling plant,  with four high speed and quality assurance production lines, capable of churning out nearly 120,000 bottles of beverages per hour.

The project is seen by industry players as the most single largest investment made by a local beverage company with global outlook that could absorb thousands of jobless Ghanaian youth and improve household income.

Dr kwabena Adjei, Chairman of the Kasapreko Group,  said the plant was equipped with world class machinery that would contribute to the production of high quality brands of beverage in different specialized packaging formats that could compete favourably with international brands.

He said: “We have invested in two state of the art customized high speed production lines for our spirit brands, these two lines have a combined capacity to package 70,000 bottles in one hour. “We have just completed the installation of two additional high speed lines to produce our water and non-alcoholic drinks with a combined capacity of 40,000 bottles per hour.”

Industry players have described the member of Ghana Club 100 Company penetrating the global market steadily as a responsible Ghanaian corporate brand that has won the trust and confidence of customers and consumers. A feat, the company attributes to its commitment to strong values, adoption of solid work ethics, and reliance on modern technology to drive the company’s vision and mission with the Ghanaian culture in focus.

“We are conscious of the five behaviours that we believe have been are key to our success – curiosity, courage, collaboration, creativity and an aim to be champions,” Dr Adjei said.

“Innovation has been instrumental to our growth since our founding and remains our hallmark for success.” “As a business, we have always been guided by strong values in everything we do and take cautious risk as we grow our company, building on our rich heritage, our future success will be founded on sustainable corporate responsibility, innovation, long-term orientation, and investment in our talented people.”

With the company brands spreading quickly throughout several African countries and Europe, he said “we are convinced that we are definitely on the right path to telling the African success story whiles flying high the flag of Ghana.”

The company relies heavily on agricultural inputs to produce some of its beverages, raising fear forest depletion could affect future production but the Group chairman said “Kasapreko had undertaken a number of strategic investments in re-afforestation to guarantee sustainability for key ingredients to ensure supply chain resiliency.”

“We have a number of herbal plantations in Kwesitenten and lately within the tropical rain forest of Ajuaben in the Western Region,” he added.

Mr Richard Adjei, General Manager of Kasapreko Company told the Ghana News Agency that the company has acquired a robust power plant that has capacity to provide electricity to nearly half of Accra to ensure its supplied stable power to the company’s facility for regular production.

He, however, said the erratic power supply confronting the country posed grave challenge to businesses, as it increased operational cost, a disincentive to businesses expand.

According the General Manage the company spends between $150,000 and $200,000 per month to power its plant.

The Kasapreko Company positioned as the leading beverage manufacturer, employs over 600 workers and has its products sold worldwide under a variety of brands in bitters, whisky, gin, liqueur, brandy and wine drinks.

The company said it envisioned to work with credible research institutions, including the Center for Research into Plant Medicine, applied sciences department of the University of Ghana, Noguchi institute and the Ghana Traditional Medicine Association, to improve quality.

The company has, therefore renovated its flagship brand, Alomo Bitters, by giving it a bold new look and standard befitting of an international brand.