UK – The Kellogg Company has launched a direct-to-consumer kitchen in partnership with meal delivery service Deliveroo.

The cereal and snacks business has opened the Kellogg’s Kitchen Creations in East London that will be producing meals based on Kellogg’s cereals and snacks, including Coco Pop Bubble Crepes, Crunchy Nut Shake and Nutri-Grain Cheesecake Bar.

The company will operate the Kitchen on a six-month trial before launching in Manchester city centre later this year, with potential for further sites in 2020.

produces meals that use Kellogg’s breakfast cereals and snacks in their ingredients and is completely run by the manufacturer.

The move would see Kellogg’s products directly reaching consumers without using a retailer as part of the company’s efforts of maintaining a growth trajectory in the UK, especially after returning to revenue growth in 2018 for the first time in four years.

Everything on the menu is tailored towards vegetarian consumers, with a number of vegan options as well. The plant-based menu included hot dogs made with All Bran, beetroot, oats and lentils.

Commenting on the launch, Kellogg’s Kitchen Creations manager Ben Ellis said: “This will be the first Kellogg’s kitchen delivering meals inspired by our cereal and snacks directly to people in their homes. ​

 “We’re excited to see how people react to the food we are offering and if it’s something we can continue to do in other parts of the UK in the future.”​

The Kitchen is to run in collaboration with Deliveroo exclusively, with no plans at present to extend the service to other delivery services – such as Uber Eats and Just Eat.

Deliveroo direct Justin Landsberger added: “Kellogg’s cereals are a staple of every kitchen across the country, we can’t wait to work with the team. ​

“At Deliveroo, innovation is at our core, so we’re excited to partner with Kellogg’s and create some exciting new foodie options inspired by their most popular products.” ​

Deliveroo Editions launched in April 2017 and now has 16 sites in the UK, with more than 40 partners in total operating out of more than 100 kitchens.

The launch of Kellogg’s Kitchen Creations is the latest in a growing number of ‘dark kitchens’ – professional workspaces unattached to customer facing restaurants – utilised by fast food restaurants.

The ‘dark’ kitchens allow businesses to reach new customers in areas where they don’t have a presence without the start-up costs of setting up a more traditional bricks-and-mortar site.