USA – Breakfast cereals giant is set to open a bigger and permanent cereal café at in New York, USA to give its consumers the ‘opportunity to eat, chill and create.’

Set to open on December 7 in New York City’s Union Square neighborhood, the café is nearly five times the size of an earlier smaller pop-up café concept that the cereals maker closed after running for a year in the city.

The new Kellogg’s NYC Café, the first brick-and-mortar café by the company, will build on the success of the first one and be packed ‘with endless cereal possibilities.’

The new cafe ‘will be more than just a place to eat. It’ll be a destination for foodies and people to chill, create and explore the endless possibilities of cereal all in one place, whether it be for breakfast, lunch or a snack later in the day,’ says the company.

The cafe enables consumers to create and explore cereal possibilities: Courtesy: Kellogg

“We’re excited people can experience cereal in new ways all the time at our permanent location, versus other pop-ups which we’ve seen can quickly come and go.

Whether people stop in for a quick meal or end up spending the afternoon or early evening with us, Kellogg’s NYC Café in Union Square will truly be a home for food exploration — tailored to give everyone endless flavor possibilities when it comes to cereal,” said Aleta Chase, Kellogg’s Marketing Director.

“We’re excited to see how people re-think the possibilities of cereal and how their creations might inspire us to bring new products to life,” added Chase.

Anthony Rudolf and Sandra Di Capua of Co.create NYC conceptualized the café.

The new café, five times the size of the former location, will make way for dining, lounging and collaboration spaces where guests can experience cereal during work or play, morning to night, says Kellogg, with a number of improvements.

The new elements include an open-concept kitchen where guests can watch as cereal creations are being made.

Visitors will be able to select items off the menu or create their unique flavorful combos while the new location will offer a revamped cereal-inspired menu.

The café has also been designed to meet the needs of social media enthusiasts at heart, allowing guests to capture selfies and food photo to share with others online.