USA – Kemin Industries, a leading sustainable ingredients manufacturer, has secured a patent from the European Patent Office for its groundbreaking neural health product, Neumentix a brain health-boosting phenol-rich innovation.

The patent, recognized and validated in several European countries, including Spain, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, and the UK, marked a significant milestone for Kemin Industries and their commitment to advancing brain health.

The patent, officially granted in July and bearing the number EP 3 538 085 B1, underscores the uniqueness and importance of Neumentix in the realm of cognitive health.

According to Brenda Fonseca, an inventor listed on the patent and the global technical services lead at Kemin Human Nutrition and Health (HNH) the patent confirms the novelty of research findings on Neumentix’s ability to grow new neurons in the brain.

“Our research has indicated that Neumentix, works to nourish the neurons in the brain and may increase new neural growth in specific areas of the brain, providing an important source of neuro-nutrition to fuel brain performance in healthy adults,” she said.

According to the research, Neumentix, a water-soluble spearmint extract developed by Kemin HNH, boasts an impressive composition of over 50 phenolic compounds, including rosmarinic, salvianolic, and lithospermic acids.

This natural nootropic product is designed to bolster cognitive functions, with a particular focus on enhancing working memory.

The standout feature of Neumentix is its targeted approach to the hippocampus, a region of the brain capable of generating new neurons throughout an individual’s life.

However, Neumentix’s phenolic complex has been shown to stimulate the growth of new neurons in this vital region, potentially leading to improved learning, information management, and reaction times.

Supported by over 19 peer-reviewed scientific publications covering clinical and preclinical research, as well as the features of the spearmint plant, Neumentix is an attractive choice for manufacturers seeking safe, sustainable, and scientifically validated ingredients to promote new neuronal growth.

Beyond its impact on working memory, Neumentix offers a wide range of cognitive benefits, including heightened focus, sustained attention, and enhanced physical performance. Its versatility extends to various applications, positioning it as a promising ingredient in the field of neural health.

Furthermore, Neumentix supports neural tissue in adults by reducing oxidative stress, lowering inflammatory markers, increasing neurotrophin levels, safeguarding neuronal cells, elevating neurotransmitter levels, and promoting the growth of new neurons.

Fonseca emphasized that these attributes position Neumentix as a valuable asset in the pursuit of cognitive well-being and overall brain health.

“Delivering high-quality, patented, and science-backed ingredients is extremely important to Kemin because our customers provide supplements, foods, and beverages that help improve the quality of life for people around the world,” she said.

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