RUSSIA – Kemin Industries, a global nutritional ingredient company through its initiative Kemin Crop Technologies, has launched Sal CURB B liquid product, an antimicrobial solution to secure feed hygiene in Russia.

Sal CURB B liquid brings special synergistic combination of surface-active agents and powerful antimicrobial compounds in the feed chain.

The new solution combines on formaldehyde, propionic acid and surfactant agents to achieve the greatest decontamination of feed contaminated by Salmonella.

This comes after concerns of potential contamination of the feed chain with Salmonella which has poised disease and health risks in foods meant for human consumption.

Apart from being a threat in the food chain, the microorganisms affect animal performance and in the long-run lead to economic losses.

According to Dr. Vet. Luis Conchello, Business Manager, Kemin Animal Nutrition and Health, the solution give superior decontamination in comparison to other alternatives and it comes with safety controls that include environment protection.

“Feed is a major source of pathogen contamination in the feed chain.

Sal CURB B represents the most cost-effective solution to control pathogens in feedstuffs, proven by extensive trials that shows superior efficacy in reducing contamination by Salmonella in feed,” said Carmen Coetzee, Product Manager.

“Furthermore, Sal CURB B gives residual protection against recontamination.”

It also comes with risk assessment and feed safety program implementation, laboratory sampling plan and collective improved efficiency.

The company said that all ingredients are mixed in a low-surface tension carrier to achieve a superior spreading effect.

The ‘Feed Safety-Sal CURB’ solution is a customer-designed program providing interventions in the feed chain involving extraction plants, rendering plants, feed mills, feed storage facilities, feed raw materials and finished feed.

“With this product, now Russian feed operators can have a total package to control safety,” noted Andrey Raskatov, Russia & CIS Area Manager, Kemin Animal Nutrition and Health.

“Kemin offers a wide-range of Sal CURB products in the Russian market, including both formic-acid-based and formaldehyde-based Sal CURB products and always synergistically combined with other active compounds.”