USA – Kemin Industries has announced plans to launch a new fat-block topical solution, InnoBLQ™, that will serve as a clean label functional protein for breaded, battered and fried foods.  

The product was unveiled at  North America at the Institute of Food Technologists 2023 annual meeting and exposition (IFT23) in Chicago in July. 

According to Kemin, InnoBLQ enhances yields and improves quality while retaining moisture and reducing the amount of fat uptake in commercial production of battered and fried foods.  

The clean label functional protein acts as a micro-barrier, enabling less waste in processing and improving batter adhesion for a crispier, more enticing bite. 

 “InnoBLQ™ is a game changer for the industry,” said Courtney Schwartz, Marketing Director, Kemin Food Technologies – North America.  

“Higher moisture and reduced oil provide an improved sensory experience for the consumer, and a solution applied prior to submersion in frying oil acts as a micro-barrier to retain moisture during the frying process.”  

Schwartz explains that depending on the application, InnoBLQ can reduce oil uptake by 25 – 30% while providing moisture retention and increased yield—all with a potential to reduce cost-in-use. 

“InnoBLQ makes it possible for brands to help reduce costs, improve yield and quality—and please consumers—with breaded, battered and fried food products,” she adds. 

 InnoBLQ is a clean label option available as both an animal protein and plant-based protein, depending on formulation needs.  

When applied topically, InnoBLQ can help improve the quality of breaded, battered, and fried foods and offers many exciting benefits, including improved bite and texture with a natural taste, appearance, and feel. 

It also helps to increase yields by retaining moisture throughout the entire processing and cooking process, which can increase cook yield for better plate coverage. 

It is also said to help manufacturers achieve reduced added fat in finished foods by up to 50% depending on the application, as the micro-barrier formed via topical application reduces overall oil absorption into the product. 

Earlier, Kemin Industries received a positive opinion from the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) for the use of BetaVia Pure, an algae-based postbiotic. 

The 95% beta-1,3-glucan (paramylon) ingredient for immune and gut support can be used in several finished-product forms and can be included as part of a daily health routine.  

The EFSA opinion means that BetaVia Pure is considered safe in food supplements for weight control and as a food ingredient in several products to boost diets low in dietary fiber.  

Manufactured using a proprietary strain of algae, Euglena gracilis BetaVia Pure has received exclusivity for five years in the European market from the EFSA.  

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