USA – Kemin Industries has carried out a successful study that shows oil-soluble green tea extract as an alternative to synthetic butylhydroquinone (TBHQ) as an alternative in Par-fried meat and poultry applications.

This showcases Kemin’s commitment in providing shelf-life extension and food safety solutions that will help manufacturers keep food and beverage products safe, high quality and appealing.

Oil-soluble green tea extract, NaturFORT LGR 105 from Kemin industries can be used in providing flavor stabilization to the frying oil used in Par-frying applications.

Par-frying finds application in products like deli-meats and other poultry and meat products.

Meat and poultry industries can adapt panfrying in various industrial processes where food is partially dehydrated in an industrial fryer and flash frozen at -20°C and packaged par-fried food stored at -5°C to -10°C before distribution in freezer trucks.

“This study showcases a consumer-friendly alternative to traditionally used synthetic antioxidants such as TBHQ,” said Amanda King, Ph.D., Technical Manager, Proteins, for Kemin Food Technologies.

“It is very positive that the removal of TBHQ from frying oil does not mean you have to risk the flavor or shelf life of par-fried meat and poultry items.

Kemin offers NaturFORT LGR 105, an oil-soluble green tea extract, as an alternative solution that may be an efficacious tool for replacement of TBHQ in oil used for such applications.”

Following the consumer concerns around the health implications of synthetic ingredients in their food products, Kemin is offering them an alternative to TBHQ that will play role in preventing oxidative rancidity during shelf life.

“Kemin offers a new solution with a consumer-friendly alternative that helps protect brands and meet consumer expectations, as well as their eating experience,” added Dr. King.

Oil-soluble tea and rosemary extracts have been proved heat stable thus retaining more of the active molecules in the frying oil.

This increases the chances to protect the meat and poultry products from oxidation and development of off- flavors during the par-fried item’s shelf life, due to protection from LGR 105.

Kemin has proven commitment to providing consumers with attractive food products at the same time not compromising on flavor and quality.

Other groups set to benefit from the invention are food processors, manufacturers and formulators caught in a dilemma to find long lasting solutions to changing consumer needs and preferences.