KENYA – Kenafric Industries has bagged the Energy Savings Award (EMA) in this year’s Energy Management Awards.

The annual Awards recognise enterprises that have made major sustainable gains in energy efficiency through the use of innovative energy management principles and practices.

Rising cost of energy pose a growing challenge to businesses as they endeavour to bolster competitiveness of locally manufactured products in comparison to imports.

Kenya Association of Manufactures (KAM) estimates that the inefficient use of energy, especially within industry leads to wastage of between 10 to 30 percent of primary energy input.

According to the manufacturer one of Kenafric’s milestones in Energy management was the implementation of an Online Energy Management system (EMS), in which we have the facility to monitor the individual machines energy usage instantaneously.

“Over the years, we have won 16 awards in different categories in which we stand 4 times Overall Energy Management Awards winner with a Runners UP in the same,” the manufacturer says.

The cost of energy has significant impact on economic activities particularly those that are energy intensive such as cement, steel, pulp and paper production. In a liberalised market such as Kenya’s, energy prices are a significant determinant of competitiveness of locally manufactured goods relative to imports.

High energy prices impact negatively on domestic wealth creation, balance of payments and employment creation since consumers opt for cheaper imports.

However, an oil crisis in 1992 prompted a paradigm shift in the company’s strategy after oil prices skyrocketed leading it to venture into confectionary business after inputs prices shot up denting profit margins.

The company family acquired its first bubble gum machine from Taiwan to kick start small scale production. In the succeeding 10 years, Kenafric Industries built a strong brand and distribution network taking its sweets and bubble gums countrywide.

April 17, 2015;

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