KENYA – East Africa’s leading producer of coconut products, Kentaste Products Ltd, has received the New Products of the Year award for their remarkable coconut product, the Kentaste Coconut Chips at the Africa Food Awards 2023.

According to the processor, the product is made from carefully selected coconuts and baked to give a delightful crunch and preserve the burst of tropical natural flavours meeting consumers’ preferences.

“With three different flavours to choose from, our delightful Crispy Coconut Chips are baked, and not fried; they are cholesterol-free, gluten-free, vegan and keto-friendly,” Kentaste said.

“Our coconut chips also do not contain any added oil or trans-fat making them the ultimate healthy snack for the whole family.”

Kentaste added that the Coconut product was manufactured at the highest quality conforming to international standards of production and to the FSSC certification to assure consumers of the quality and safety of their product.

“We are providing a premium product, highest quality, locally made, affordable and accessible in the leading retail stores in Kenya. We are also exploring export opportunities to the rest of East Africa and the USA,” Kentaste noted.

According to the processor, the company has transformed since 2014 from a small family business into a large-scale manufacturer and exporter, supplying markets in Africa, the USA, Europe and the Middle East.

“In our early days, we produced virgin coconut oil, milk and cream, but over the years, we have found new and exciting ways to bring coconut goodness into consumer’s homes,”  Kentaste said.

“Now that we’re older and a little wiser, our product range has grown considerably and includes desiccated coconut, coconut flour, coconut snacks and, there’s more to come.”

Kentaste assured that it aims in running a business where everyone gets their fair share of the rewards, and recognizes that their purpose goes far beyond profit impacting society positively.

Earlier this year, the Cabinet Secretary of Foreign and Diaspora Affairs Alfred Mutua visited the company to see through an existing collaboration with Mennonite Economic Development Association (MEDA Canadian).

Mutua said that Kenstate had increased the number of smallholder suppliers from 1500-3000 and enhanced its output from 30-60 MT per year making Kentaste Kenya’s largest processor of coconut products.

Currently, Kentaste is processing hundreds of thousands of coconuts through a commitment to innovation which means the company has production lines structured to take advantage of the amazing versatility of the coconut.

“We use every part of every coconut we purchase, maximizing our operational efficiency and promoting a culture of zero waste,” Kentaste noted.

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