KENYA – Kenyan Deputy President, Rigathi Gachagua, has made an appeal to coffee producers in Colombia to an executive collaboration with Kenya to enhance coffee trade and production.

The call came during his participation in the Seventh Coffee Producer and Roaster Forum (PRF) held in Medellin City, Colombia.

During his address at the 2023 PRF, Deputy President Gachagua made a compelling case for Kenyan coffee, highlighting its exceptional quality while expressing concerns about the inadequate returns received by local coffee farmers.

He stressed the need for international coffee buyers, producers, and roasters to explore direct sourcing from Kenya, ensuring that the country’s coffee growers receive fair compensation for their exceptional products.

“Kenyan coffee, known for its unique flavours and high-quality beans, has long been admired by coffee enthusiasts worldwide,” he said.

However, the challenges faced by Kenyan coffee farmers, including low incomes and market access barriers, have hindered the industry’s growth potential.

Deputy President Gachagua’s appeal in Colombia aimed to bridge these gaps and create opportunities for mutually beneficial collaboration.

Gachagua also extended an invitation for Kenya to host the Eighth PRF in 2024, further strengthening the bonds between the two coffee-producing nations.

Notably, the proposal to host the Eighth PRF in Kenya in 2024 received a positive response from the forum’s attendees.

The potential future collaboration could provide a platform for knowledge exchange, market access improvement, and networking opportunities for coffee producers from both countries.

The call for collaboration between Kenyan and Colombian coffee producers aligned with broader efforts to strengthen the global coffee trade and promote sustainability in the industry.

By leveraging each nation’s strengths and sharing best practices, both countries stand to benefit from increased coffee exports and enhanced market presence.

In response to Deputy President Gachagua’s appeal, coffee industry stakeholders from both Kenya and Colombia expressed their willingness to explore potential partnerships and collaborations.

The prospect of combining Kenya’s exceptional coffee quality with Colombia’s rich coffee-growing heritage has generated excitement within the coffee community.

As the global coffee industry continues to evolve, the Deputy President’s advocacy for collaboration between Kenya and Colombia marked a significant step towards ensuring that coffee farmers in both nations receive fair compensation for their products while enriching the global coffee experience for enthusiasts.

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