Kenya invites proposals to inform finalization of draft Food Safety policy

KENYA – The Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries and the Ministry of Health in Kenya are inviting stakeholders to submit their views on the proposed food safety regulations.

The Ministries are working in conjunction to review the Food, Drugs and Chemical Substances Act Cap 254  and related laws that will see the establishment of a national food safety agency.

In addition, the review will also inform the finalization of the draft Food Safety policy which seeks to provide a workable framework in the food system.

The two Ministries will jointly review the existing laws to accommodate the regulatory regimes and proposals in order to provide for an enhanced food safety system.

The scope of the respective regulatory agencies in matters of Food Safety standards, environment, agriculture and health will be clearly defined in the proposed legislation for better coordination and effectiveness.

Under the proposed food safety policy, the regulations of food safety will remain separated from the regulations of human medicines and devices; veterinary medicines and devices.

The two ministries will review to strengthen the laws regulating human medicines and devices as well as veterinary medicines and devices to support the safety system agenda.

In addition, they will review the daft national food safety policy to inform the legislative proposal.

The ministries said in a statement that the overall goal of the policy is to establish and maintain a national, integrated farm-to-fork food system that establish a coordination mechanism.

“This will ensure the protection of public safety and food trade consistent with the World Trade Organization (WTO) agreement on the Sanitary and PhytoSanitary (SPS) Protocol measures and other international requirements,” according to the statement issued.

The two ministries in consultation with stakeholders will review the Food, Drugs and Chemical Substances Act Chapter 254 to provide for a national food safety agency.

The agency will have an oversight and coordinating role for all agencies involved in food safety and regulatory mandate in all areas that are currently unregulated.

The review will establish a coordination mechanism with other food safety agencies.

According to the statement, a task force has been established to deliver an acceptable food safety policy and law during the financial year 2019/2020.

The ministries are inviting all stakeholders of food safety to make presentations to the joint secretariat of the task force to inform the reviews and finalization of the draft Food Safety policy.

Stakeholder have been given up to the close of business on September 30 to present their views to the Ministries for consideration.

The Ministries say that the draft policy can be accessed on the websites or They can send their proposals to email address:

Food safety & quality summit planned in 2020

There is a revamped interest in overhauling food safety regulations in a number of African countries, as weak laws and lax enforcement of applicable food safety and standards take its toll on the Continent.

Tanzania mid this year overhauled its food and drug safety and standards infrastructure by rejigging its former food and drug regulator to focus on drugs and medical devices, and giving food safety regulation to the Tanzania Bureau of Standards.

Kenya has been grappling with changing its food safety regulatory environment for a number of years. Stakeholders are hopeful the new food safety policy will help the country deliver a better food safety regulatory environment.

Following the interest, and urgency, on matters regulatory and food safety in the region, FoodWorld Media, the publishers of industry focused magazines, websites and organisers of B2B events in Africa is organising Africa’s continent-wide conference and expo focused on food and drug safety, regulatory, quality and laboratory management in Africa.

Set to be hosted in Nairobi Kenya on July 15-17, 2020, the conference will bring together a number of Government regulators from Africa and around the World, suppliers of various technologies, academicians and consultants and NGOs/development agencies to discuss the latest trends in the food safety regulations landscape in Africa.

You can sign up to access the event on the website

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