KENYA – In a move towards sustainable agriculture, Kenya Nut Company (KNC), a leading multinational agricultural business based in Kenya, has signed a 15-year supply agreement with TalusAg, a subsidiary of Talus Renewable, an American energy technology firm.

The partnership aims to introduce green ammonia-based fertilizers using TalusAg’s cutting-edge technology, marking a significant stride in reducing carbon emissions associated with traditional fertilizer production.

The announcement, made jointly by the two entities on December 1, unveiled the installation of a green ammonia production unit named “talusOne” on KNC’s Morendat farm in Naivasha.

Fueled by a 2.1 MW solar farm, this innovative facility employs electrolysis of water with solar energy to produce approximately one tonne of green ammonia per day.

According to the press release, for each tonne of green ammonia produced, the unit mitigates up to 8 tonnes of carbon emissions, equivalent to around 2% of global carbon dioxide emissions.

“We are excited to lead the way in cleaner, smarter fertilizer production with our partners at TalusAg. talusOne offers significant benefits to all farmers by reducing costs while improving product quality and reliability,” Graeme Rust, CEO of Kenya Nut Company, stated expressing enthusiasm about the transformative partnership.

“Our work with the Kenya Nut Company will transform how the world views the hard-to-decarbonize agricultural industry,” TalusAg’s CEO, Hiro Iwanaga, stated highlighting the potential impact of their collaboration with KNC on the agricultural industry.

“TalusOne’s local, carbon-free production of ammonia is just the first step in a journey to revolutionize renewable food and fuel production systems to be cleaner, more affordable and more reliable.”

Founded in 1974, KNC, a subsidiary of the International Controls Limited (ICL) group, sources supplies from over 30,000 small producers and operates seven farms covering more than 3,237 hectares.

The green ammonia-based fertilizer produced through this partnership will be utilized to enhance productivity across KNC’s diverse range of crops, including cashews, macadamia, coffee, and oilseeds.

Furthermore, the talusOne system, powered by renewable energy, demonstrates the potential for decentralized green ammonia production, particularly in rural and supply-vulnerable communities.

The 15-year supply agreement ensures a consistent and fixed-price supply of carbon-free, green ammonia fertilizer for Kenya Nut Company, which plans to utilize this low-cost fertilizer across its farms, vineyards, orchards, and ranches.

As the global food industry grapples with the environmental impact of traditional agricultural practices, Kenya Nut Company and TalusAg set a precedent for sustainable and eco-friendly solutions, showcasing the possibility of reducing the carbon footprint in fertilizer production and contributing to a greener future for agriculture.

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