Kenyan consumer goods manufacturer Bidco launches new energy drink

KENYA – Bidco Africa Group, a consumer goods manufacturer headquartered in Kenya, has launched a new energy drink ‘Reaktor’ as it seeks to tap into the fast growing Kenyan energy drink market.

According to the group the energy drink has an enhanced fruity taste with a unique formulation and ingredients selected to give complete action; provide energy to the muscles and brain, contribute to the proper functioning of the nervous system.

“We are excited to launch Reaktor. Energy drinks consumption has evolved; while it was previously associated with a niche segment of consumers, we have democratized the consumption to now show all the facets of the consumers,” said Vimal Shah, Bidco Africa Chairman.

The drink is packaged in a 300ml bottle retailing at Sh70 (US$0.69) per bottle, making it the third such launch in the market this year including the Kabisa energy drink produced by the Mutalo Group.

Bidco hopes to disrupt the market that has for a long time been dominated by foreign brands such as Red Bull and Monster.

“We have introduced a unique product which will come in handy for all the consumers who need an energy recharge at any time of the day and night.

With a fruitier and pleasant taste, Reaktor is finally a good energy drink which will be appreciated even by consumers who are not used to drinking energy drinks,” said Chris Diaz Director at Bidco Africa.

“We are ready to disrupt the market as Reaktor has been received well with most consumers in the market,” added Maxwell Sande, Bidco’s Head of Modern Trade.

The family-owned business, previously known for edible oils and hygiene & personal care products, has in the past two years embarked on a product diversification drive to create new revenue streams in the wake of growing competition.

Bidco Africa has also invested in a state-of-the-art facility at its Bidco Industrial Park for making beverages.

Bidco Partners Safaricom’s DigiFarm

Bidco Africa has also partnered Safaricom’s DigiFarm product and Makueni County Government in Kenya through a sunflower project to supply the raw material for its edible oil business.

More than 600 farmers will benefit from the end-to-end buyer-driven model that will see Bidco Africa provide a ready market for their produce.

The DigiFarm is an integrated, free-to-use mobile platform that offers smallholder farmers access to a suite of information and financial services, including discounted products, customized information on farming best practices, and access to credit and other financial facilities.

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