KENYA – Tea workers working in Kenya Tea Development Agency (KTDA) managed factories are set to receive a 13 per cent pay hike following a deal between their union and the agency which manages 54 tea factory companies across the country.

Under the deal brokered by the Kenya Plantation and Agricultural Workers Union (KPAWU) tea workers will receive the said wage increment within two years.

KPAWU’s Secretary General, Francis Atwoli has lauded the potential of the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) which aims to bring about positive change.

“The CBA will not only bring about a positive trajectory for the employees but also for the Kenyan Tea industry as a whole, we look forward to the fruitful implementation of this agreement and the realization of its benefits,” said Atwoli.

According to KTDA Employee Relations Manager Boniface Ayub, the agreement marks a significant development that promises positive changes for the unionizable employees of KTDA who are proud members of the Kenya Plantation and Agricultural Workers Union.

“This momentous event signals a new chapter in the history of industrial relations within the Kenyan tea Sector, and it underscores the commitment of KPAWU and KTDA to better the lives of those who form the backbone of this vital industry,” said Ayub .

The tea industry makes an important contribution to the Kenyan economy supporting about 5.0 million people directly and indirectly.

According to KTDA data, an estimated 650,000 tea growers depend on tea making the industry one of the leading sources of livelihood in the country.

Beyond farms and factories, tea is among the leading foreign exchange earners contributing about 23% of total foreign exchange earnings and 2% of the Agricultural GDP.

Annually, the country produces over 450 million Kg of tea, which earns the country over Ksh 120 Billion in export earnings, and 22.0 Billion in local sales.

The wage increase will for have a have a long lasting impact on the quality of life for the hardworking employees within the tea industry.