Kenyan therapeutic food manufacturer Ariel Foods sets base in Nigeria

NIGERIA – Ariel Foods, a Kenyan therapeutic foods manufacturing business which produces food supplements for malnourished people worldwide has expanded operations to Nigeria seeking to tap into the wider West African market.

Mr Dhiren Chandaria owner of Ariel Foods said, “Ariel Foods is proud to expand its production to Nigeria, and to play a major role in food and population security in West Africa through the production of ready-to-Use therapeutic foods to feed malnourished children and to supplement the diets of persons with special nutrition requirements.”

Mr Chandaria’s new Nigerian factory will be set up in Alaro City, a mixed-income development featuring industries, logistics, offices and homes in Lagos State.

The city is backed by Rendeavour, Tatu City’s owner and developer. Rendeavour is also developing other similar cities in Africa including two in Ghana at King City and Appolonia, Kiswishi in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Roma Park in Zambia.

Lagos State Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu welcomed the Kenyan firm’s investment.

“I am pleased to witness the start of operations of Ariel Foods, which has built a remarkable facility in less than one year,” he said.

“The confidence of international and Nigerian investors is a testament to Alaro City as the location of choice for businesses in the Lekki Free Zone, and to the ease of doing business in Lagos State.”

Mr Chandaria also owns Kenya-based Insta Products which is a major supplier to UNICEF and World Food Programme relief initiatives.

Insta, located in Athi River’s Export Processing Zone, produces food supplements for malnourished people.

Insta’s therapeutic foods are a high calorie combination of peanut paste, sugar, oil and milk powder which is fortified with 23 vitamins and minerals.

Severely malnourished people, who cannot digest solid food portions or receive supplements intravenously, feed on the supplement for six weeks before progressing to other foods.

Insta Products has been operating for 16 years. Its products are distributed regionally but they are also shipped to needy individuals in countries such as Afghanistan, Syria, Pakistan and Yemen among others places, reports Business Daily.

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