KENYA – Kericho Gold, one of the leading privately owned tea producers in Kenya, has been awarded the Superbrands Seal for the company’s quality variety of tea leaves.

Awarded by Superbrands East Africa, the seal signifies a brand’s capability to produce premium and quality products hence command respect from its customers.

Speaking during the awarding ceremony, Kericho Gold Managing Director, Fahim Ahmed, noted that the company’s consistency in offering quality and premium consumer products played a big role in the recieving of the Superbrands status.

“Outstanding brands distinguish themselves through collaborative enterprise, creative marketing and superior products.

“For Kericho Gold, it’s a joy to have our products differentiate us from another brand.

“Our many years of hard work, uncompromising quality on our products and the culture of “striving for success” has made it possible to achieve this great milestone,” said Ahmed.

The Project Director and Associate Publisher at Superbrands East Africa, Jawad Jaffer, said that a high profile of the brand reassures customers that they are buying the right brand and motivates potential customers to try the brand.

“Our mandate as an independent arbiter is to encourage quality products for the market from manufacturers and service providers.

“Suppliers and customers are reassured that they are working and dealing with a great brand,” Mr. Jaffer said while awarding the seal.

“Research by Nielsen, Synovate, BDRC, TNS and other research companies have found that consumers are more than 70 per cent more likely to purchase products or services displaying the Superbrands Award Seal.

This thus translates to more sales for products and services, an added advantage for companies,” he said.

Ahmed emphasized Kericho Gold’s commitment to maintaining the same quality standard of tea leaves.

“Receiving this honor today is a statement of trust and confidence in our range of tea products.

“As a company, we will endeavour to ensure the same quality of tea leaves is maintained every time and our customers continue enjoying products that adhere to global set standards in quality taste and safety,” Ahmed said.

Kericho Gold joins about 20,000 major brands in more than 85 countries worldwide that have achieved the Superbrands status awarded by the independent authority and arbiter of branding.

Other brands that have recently received the status in Kenya include Capwell Industries’ flagship brands – Soko and Pearl.