USA – Taste & Nutrition Company, Kerry, is celebrating the US$28.6 million expansion of its facility in Rochester, Minnesota, a project which increases manufacturing capacity at the state-of-the-art facility.

FoodingredientsFirst also reported that the expansion includes the addition of a new spray dryer and two 10,000 gallon dryer feed tanks.

Kerry’s Rochester facility produces naturally-derived fermented ingredients utilized by manufacturers to deliver fresh taste over the shelf-life of bakery products, deli meats, prepared meals, dairy and various other food and beverage products.

The increasing market demand for clean label, transparent preservation methods, driven by consumer interest, is the key driver behind Kerry’s investment in Rochester.

“We have already seen the uplift in production from this expansion.

Each week, our products leave the plant with delivery labels across North America and around the world.

The increased production capacity means we will add more skilled and scientific roles in our existing employee base of 125 people in the Rochester area,” said Bryce Nesberg, Human Resources Manager at Kerry’s facility in Rochester.

“This expansion allows us to produce more of our naturally-derived, clean label ingredients which help ensure the fresh-keeping of foods.

Over the past few years, demand for these ingredients has grown exponentially.

This is a direct result of consumers looking more and more, for natural foods that are free of artificial preservatives,” said Mike Mathews, VP of Business Development – Fermented Ingredients, said:

“At Kerry, our taste and nutrition experts work with customers to utilize Accel, DuraFresh and UpGrade natural food protection ingredients to deliver great tasting foods which remain fresh over their shelf life.

With our increased capacity, we are looking forward to bringing our naturally-derived, clean label, fermented ingredients to many more consumers.”

Kerry offers a broad range of natural ingredients that are highly effective at protecting the fresh-keeping of food while maintaining great taste, according to the company.

These include brands of Accel, natural cures for meat, UpGrade, natural mold inhibitors for bakery applications and DuraFresh for fresh, natural keeping of dairy and meat applications.

“To build on Kerry’s knowledge of clean label, we recently conducted proprietary international consumer research with over 2,000 consumers across the globe.

This research aimed to pinpoint consumer specific drivers as they relate to clean label and to understand the commercial opportunities related to those drivers,” added Matthews.

“Our research revealed that the most powerful claim that resonated with the clean label consumer is ‘all natural/100 percent natural’ followed by ‘non-GMO,’ ‘no additives/no artificial preservatives,’ ‘organic’ and ‘made with real ingredients.’”
Meanwhile, Kerry has announced a significant investment in its Wittstock breadcrumb manufacturing site, located in north-western Brandenburg, Heiligengrabe in Germany.

The investment includes the addition of a new crumb baking line and a warehouse extension, which will double the output volume to 48,000 tons per year.

According to FoodingredientsFirst, this will enable a faster and more efficient replenishment lead time for our customers in a demanding market.

The site will also be increasing its employee base by 13 percent to support its new capacity levels.

Kerry has been monitoring the European coatings market closely and anticipates growing demand for a range of great-tasting and better-for-you solutions, including VLOG (non-GMO) and gluten-free crumb.

The Wittstock site will also allow Kerry to deliver product innovation and enable high-quality simultaneously, production at scale, for its customers to suit their respective markets.

“Kerry’s investment in this key manufacturing site demonstrates our commitment to serving customers with growing coatings needs,” said Philip O’Connor, Meat Business President at Kerry Taste & Nutrition.

“We work closely with customers to ensure their consumers’ taste and nutrition expectations continue to be exceeded and that processing volumes and timelines can be adhered to efficiently.

With our continuing efforts to expand our capabilities, combined with our 40+ years of taste expertise, we are confident in our ability to meet the increasing demand for innovative coating solutions in the region,” he concluded.