Kerry Group launches citric fruits flavour essences extract technology for innovators

IRELAND – Kerry Group plc, a public food company, has debuted an extract technology that enables innovators to formulate with the flavor essences of citrus fruits, labeled as natural extracts.

The technology is designed to provide an extended, more full-bodied finish to flavored NPD.

Branded as New! Citrus Extract, the solution was developed using Kerry’s non-thermal liquid/liquid extraction process that delivers highly concentrated extracts with “greatly reduced” levels of terpenes and sesquiterpenes.

“The interesting aspect of this process is that it does not involve any heating and allows the fragile citrus notes to be preserved,” Coralie Garcia Perrin, global marketing director of sweet taste at Kerry.

“For this process, we play with the polarity of the molecules between different solvents to reduce the terpenes and sesquiterpenes molecules of our extracts. By doing this, we are able to deliver great taste with stable citrus extracts”

New! Citrus Extract creates a taste profile that is described as “fresh, clean, vibrant, juicy, aromatic and intense, with a clean lingering effect”. The process also allows for water solubility and stability.

This extraction technology can be applied to a wide variety of citrus fruit, and has broad beverage applications including sparkling and still flavored waters, ready-to-drink (RTD) teas, juice drinks, isotonic and energy drinks and craft carbonated soft drinks (CSDs).

It is also suited for alcoholic beverages such as hard seltzers, malt beverages, mocktails and flavored beers and spirits. The citrus tonalities within Kerry’s New! Citrus Extract portfolio include lime, lemon, orange and tangerine, with more to come.

All products are completely colorless in the finished application, allowing the product developer to replace a natural citrus flavor with a natural citrus extract.

Citrus is highlighted as a leading taste in new launches by Kerry, particularly in the case of beverages. Since 2017, the company notes 47 percent of flavored waters have contained citrus profiles.

New! Citrus Extract creates a taste profile that is described as “fresh, clean, vibrant, juicy, aromatic and intense, with a clean lingering effect”.

In addition, in the same year, citrus ingredients were incorporated in 38 percent of sports and energy drinks, 34 percent of carbonated soft drinks, 30 percent of flavored alcoholic beverages, 29 percent of  RTDiced teas and 26 percent of juices.

In 2019, the use of extracts in beverages increased to 19 percent in all launches.

“People love the delicious and refreshing taste of citrus, so it’s not surprising the global food and beverage industry continues to use this iconic taste in new products,” says Ton Mesters, global product director citrus at Kerry.

“With Kerry’s advanced extraction technology available in four flavor tonalities (and more on the way), product designers have access to an expanded range of citrus extract options to enhance their design palettes,” he concludes.

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