USA – Kerry has published a report, following a consumer research study, focusing on clean label, discovering and building a wealth of information about consumer perception of clean label.

According to FoodIngredientsFirst, by surveying over 700 consumers, Kerry has understood the approaches of consumers to clean label, which includes the dos and don’ts of ingredients.

This information will then help brands define more effectively their targets for clean label and to better understand how perceptions are changing across generations,

The group had therefore published a white paper that details how it discovered what ingredients are on the “no-no” lists for consumers and how nutritional standards are changing across generations.

The findings available in the white paper were specific to American consumers and included an actionable definition of clean label and an understanding of what consumers want and don’t want in their food.

The research also focused on how consumer perceptions can inform the manufacturing, retail, and foodservice industries in an effort to understand the future of food and beverages.

Kerry’s consumer survey revealed that 82% ingredient-conscious consumers believed clean label was important and almost as many were willing to pay more for healthier, cleaner products.

“This research study is one component of Kerry’s strategic emphasis on consumer expectations in taste and nutrition and will help brands define more effectively their targets for clean label.

The more we understand consumers’ desires, the better we can partner with our customers to embed this knowledge and help them align with their consumers’ expectations,” said Kate Toews, VP of Strategic Marketing at Kerry.