US – Key Technology has launched a high capacity digital sorter, the VERYX B210, state-of-the-art electronic sorting machine to serve unique and specific needs of the food processing industry.

VERYX B210 machine can recognize color, size, shape and structural properties with ability to eliminate foreign objects and product defects thus, improving quality of the final product.

The system can also be able to eliminate the challenges with false rejects normally caused by problems with the conveyor system.

Reducing false rejects through proper installation and corrective maintenance is advantageous to food processing and packaging lines since it works to improve yields.

With a production capacity of more than 23 metric tons of product per hour, the machines are suitable for wet and frozen potato strips and specialty potato products as well as fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables, leafy greens, potato chips and other snack foods, confections and seafood.

The inspection area of over two metres wide is 10% wider than that of other sorters with a similar footprint, improving sorting accuracy and enables processors increase their throughputs by up to 15% while conserving floor space.

“In many food processing plants, there is a trend toward new, higher capacity production lines, as well as efforts to maximise throughput on existing line installations.

Our VERYX B210 supports both of these scenarios.

In some layouts, the B210 is capable of replacing two smaller capacity sorters to make the line flow more efficient,” said Marco Azzaretti, Key Technology advanced inspection systems product manager.

VERYX was also equipped with cameras and laser sensors offering high resolution, ability to detect smaller foreign material, identify notorious product defects, thus significantly improving detection performance and sorting accuracy.

Its sophisticated channels of information from cameras and laser scanner in combination with advanced LED lighting that operates at optimal frequencies in relation to each sensor allows it meet the sorting requirements in the food industry.

According to Key Technology, VERYX’s separation/ejection system was tailored to each product application with configurable air nozzles with respect to their pitch and power.

The air nozzles’ actuation was controlled by intelligent software to strategically suit the size, shape and weight of each object targeted for separation.