INDIA – KFC, a renowned quick-service restaurant chain, has achieved a significant milestone in India by inaugurating its 1,000th restaurant, marking a momentous 28-year journey since the brand’s inception in the country in 1995.

The milestone establishment, located in Gurgaon’s DLF Cyber Hub, is noteworthy not only for its numerical significance but also as the brand’s first restaurant in India to offer 100% table service, and it is operated and managed entirely by an all-women team.

In addition, KFC’s expansion in India has been bolstered by strategic partnerships with franchise partners, including Devyani International Ltd and Sapphire Foods India Ltd.

These partnerships have played a pivotal role in the brand’s growth, with KFC emphasizing its commitment to inclusivity, equitable business practices, and sustainability.

Looking forward, KFC envisions creating over 100,000 jobs across India in the next phase of its journey. The brand has successfully extended its presence to more than 240 towns and cities, venturing into over 20 new geographies in 2023 alone.

This expansion includes the introduction of over 20 all-digital Smart Restaurants, showcasing KFC’s integration of state-of-the-art technology.

KFC’s global growth trajectory is a testament to its mission of serving feel-good food at scale, driven by inclusive, equitable, and sustainable business practices.

With a new KFC restaurant opening somewhere in the world every 3.5 hours, the brand plans to enter its 150th country by 2024.

The global growth is underpinned by KFC’s dedication to local adaptation, ensuring that each restaurant resonates with the unique needs and expectations of the local community.

KFC’s impact extends beyond culinary excellence and job creation. The company has committed to local sustainable development initiatives, with over 20 restaurants incorporating energy-efficient practices, responsible material usage, and waste diversion across design and operations.

These eco-friendly measures align with the brand’s goal to ensure that all plastic-based, consumer-facing packaging becomes recoverable or reusable by 2025.

Furthermore, KFC has also embraced a social purpose program called Kshamata, designed to bridge gender and ability gaps.

This program empowers women and individuals with disabilities, exemplified by 38 KFC restaurants in India operated by speech- and hearing-impaired employees.

As KFC celebrates its 1,000th restaurant in India, the brand assured to remain committed to its founding principles of providing fresh, healthy, and natural food, all while embracing innovation and sustainability.