KENYA – In a significant step towards promoting local agriculture and self-sufficiency, Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) has entered into a collaborative agreement with the Nyandarua County government and farmers to ensure a steady supply of quality-approved potatoes for its outlets in Kenya.

The partnership was formalized during an executive meeting attended by KFC representatives, Nyandarua County Governor (Dr.) Moses Kiarie Badilisha, Principal Secretary of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), Hon. Susan Mang’eni.

Under the agreement, KFC is set to tap into Nyandarua’s rich agricultural resources, particularly its famed Shangi potato variety, which thrives in the region.

Additionally, discussions have revolved around incorporating the upcoming Markies potato variety into KFC’s sourcing strategy.

Therefore, the meeting explored the possibility of partnering with local poultry farmers to secure a consistent supply of chicken for the popular fast-food chain.

KFC’s move to source potatoes from Nyandarua is part of its effort to secure a minimum of 350 tons of potatoes per month for the Kenyan market, with an additional 120 tons designated for export to Rwanda.

Currently, a significant portion of KFC’s potato supply is imported from distant regions like Egypt and Europe, a practice that Governor Badilisha described as unacceptable, given the immense potential available within Nyandarua County and the nation as a whole.

Governor Badilisha emphasized the need to collaborate closely with local farmers to harness this potential fully.

He expressed the county’s willingness to invest in improving the quality of potatoes to meet international standards and pass rigorous quality tests.

The governor passionately called for an end to the practice of importing when local farmers possess the capacity and only require information and strategic partnerships to thrive.

During the meeting, the delegation also visited the Ol’Kalou potatoes cold storage facility, a key component of Nyandarua’s agricultural infrastructure.

Discussions centred on fast-tracking the facility’s operationalization to enhance storage and preservation capabilities, ensuring a year-round supply of high-quality potatoes.

The partnership between KFC, Nyandarua County, and local farmers is expected to have far-reaching effects.

It not only signifies a commitment to strengthening the agricultural sector but also presents an opportunity for farmers in Nyandarua County to expand their market reach and income streams significantly.

By sourcing locally, KFC aims to support sustainable farming practices, reduce its carbon footprint, and contribute to the economic development of Nyandarua County and Kenya as a whole.

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