SPAIN – KFC in Spain has just launched a unique fragrance called “Eau D’uardo,” adding a delightful twist to the world of scents by infusing it with the iconic aroma of their secret 11-spice fried chicken recipe.

According to the company, the limited-edition perfume is a playful nod to a viral internet meme from KFC’s Christmas 2021 campaign, where everyday objects were given Spanish names.

“Named after a chicken drumstick dubbed “Eduardo” in the meme, which even became a Christmas ornament, Eau D’uardo comes in packaging inspired by this whimsical creation.”

In addition, the fragrance notes are advertised to be inspired by Colonel Sanders’ spice blend, and the perfume itself features essences of geranium, mandarin, bergamot, and a touch of pink pepper.

In a video campaign shot in the Macaronesia dunes by Madrid agency PS21 (Jungle) and directed by Curro Urellana, models in golden brown suits interact playfully around a bottle of Eau D’uardo emerging from the sand.

This move follows KFC New Zealand’s previous venture into fragrance with the No.11 Eu De Colonel, launched on Valentine’s Day, boasting top notes of spicy black pepper, sage, and botanical extracts.

“The new fragrance adds a humorous touch to luxury perfume ads, highlighting the distinctive scent linked to KFC’s fried chicken,” the company added.

“KFC is no stranger to unconventional products, as seen in 2016 when they released Extra Crisp fried chicken-scented sunscreen to promote sun protection.”

The unexpected popularity of this product, with 9,000 bottles requested in just two hours, revealed consumers’ appetite for quirky offerings from the brand.

“The fusion of food and beverage concepts with the beauty industry isn’t exclusive to KFC.”

Recently, pastry chef Cédric Grolet collaborated with luxury skincare brand La Prairie to create a savory delicacy inspired by La Prairie’s caviar skin cream.

This collaboration exemplifies brands exploring unconventional intersections to engage consumers and create unique experiences.

KFC’s Eau D’uardo fragrance, with its blend of humor and nostalgia, aligns with a broader trend where brands experiment with unexpected products, breaking traditional boundaries to captivate consumer attention in novel ways.